What is The Great Law of The Universe?

"Whatever you focus on, or give energy to, grows and expands. Whatever you neglect, atrophies, and dies."

iuri melo
iuri melo

Hello there, I'm grateful that you are taking a moment out of your busy day to listen in and invest in a perspective of empowerment and truth. My objective as always, is to provide you with an extraordinary perspective and a clear understanding of how things really are. My hope is that as your understanding expands, so will your ability to influence your life, and the life of others around you. My hope is that this understanding tempers you, and keeps your expectations grounded in reality.

So what exactly is the great law of the universe? Well, the great law of the universe is that "Whatever you focus on, or give energy to, grows and expands. Whatever you neglect, atrophies, and dies." Just let that statement marinate inside of you for a moment. Inspect it. Look at it in respect to your life, in fact, in respect to all of the main areas of your life. Physically, intellectually, socially, professionally, spiritually, with your relationships, and in your home. This cannot be rationalized away or avoided.

I want you to realize that your brain and body are remarkable instruments... miraculous instruments. In an incredible way, your body and brain will become a physical representation of your choices, your habits, your thought patterns, and of the things you choose to focus on and deliberately invest in.

So the question is, what are you focusing on? What are you investing in? What are you giving energy to? What are you using your spare time to do? BTW, I'm not asking you these questions to be critical or condemning, I'm asking you because I would like you to take a moment to do a brief inventory, and if you think that you need to begin placing more of your 9 -focus and energy into your relationships, your spirituality, your professional effort, then you can begin to manipulate your schedule, to ensure that you are doing the things that matter most first. In fact, Stephen Covey, author of '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' , stated that Habit #3 is "Put first things first."

Remember that your brain is amoral. Amoral simply means that your brain doesn't care what you focus on, give energy to, or spend time doing it... you brain has no moral preference. Your brain will simply build the patterns, the muscles, the neural pathways, the habits, to make sure that these actions become more effective, simpler, more automatic, and require less brainpower to carry them out. I'm telling you, your body and brains are the most sophisticated machine in the universe!! Here's the problem though... your brain will just as easily turn you into a marathon runner, a successful service member or police officer, or a spouse, or a piano player; or into an alcoholic, a drug user, a manipulator, a pessimist, dishonest, and angry. Your brain will simply build whatever you consistently place before it and invest in.

Whatever we focus on or give energy to, expands, whatever we neglect atrophies. Notice how true this is for you personally and others. When you focus and give energy to your spirituality, you feel more connected, more in tune. When we neglect it, we invariably begin to feel distant, unheard and disconnected. The same concept is true physically, intellectually, and in relationships. I find that when I'm not consciously and deliberately focusing and giving energy to my relationships, that a gulf begins to widen between them and me. It's tragic really, but if you look, you will find that it's true. I'm not suggesting that we can't ever take a break from something, you can do what you want, I just want you to realize the outcome of that break.

A couple of things I want to make you aware of. To grow and expand something, we have to proactively engage toward it, whereas to kill and atrophy something, we simply have to neglect it! Tony Robbins said it well, "if you're not growing, you're dying!"

This is important information for us, not only because we need to be aware of what our actions or inactions are causing, but also to enlighten our understanding that to get the results we want, we have to push beyond the gravitational pull of that atrophying force. For those who have returned to working out after a significant time away, you can recognize this period of time when your body is adjusting, feeling sore and tired. The energy and vitality you are hoping for are just outside of that atrophying atmosphere. We must push through that initial discomfort and awkwardness, confident that our efforts will provide us with the outcome we desire.

I'm reminded of a couple who stated that they had not given each other a kiss for over 7 years! This poor couple had such negative momentum built against them. It's as if they were stuck on the surface of a planet of misery with years of bitterness. I remember giving them the assignment to greet each other with a kiss every day. I recall them coming back and reporting how awkward that was, to approach each other and kiss. As they persevered in their efforts and focus, the behavior became once again normal, and they were able to regain a closeness that had been consumed by this force of entropy.

Become increasingly aware of the momentums that are constantly ebbing and flowing in your life. The brain loves to create little cycles that are self-reinforcing. If you are not deliberately creating them, the brain will create them nonetheless. Become the architect of your life, become the architect of those behavior and thought patterns. Become deliberately involved in inviting and promoting an atmosphere and culture of positivity, hopefulness, effectiveness, and kindness, instead of finding yourself a victim of your inaction, and devoured by the natural force of entropy. And with that, I hope you have a stellar day and I'll see you next week.