Get Professional Mental Health Support for your Organization.

Copilot is the proactive, positive, and data-based mental health support tailored for your team member's needs.

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How it works

  1. Members Opt-in via QR code on a smart device custom to your organization.
  2. Members start receiving positive psychology content 3 times a week via text.
  3. Members can anonymously chat with our live team of trained mental health professionals 24/7 via text.

Benefits of Copilot

  • Insight into the challenges your team members face
  • Surveys and data to help you recognize organizational trends and issues
  • Flexible content tailored to your organizations needs
  • Access to live 24/7 mental health support
  • Access 35+ mental health resources.
  • Access positive psychology tools, and uplifting, interactive content delivered straight to the user via text.
  • Private, anonymous communication

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Copilot?
Copilot is the proactive, positive, data-backed, and text-based mental health support tool.

Who does Copilot offer service for?
Copilot offers service for service members, first responders, teachers and administrators, businesses, and individuals.

How much does Copilot cost?
Copilot costs $19.99 per member per month.

Is Copilot online therapy?
No, Copilot is not therapy. Copilot is a positive support service that provides members with skills, resources, and an environment to talk openly. Copilot’s support staff will never diagnose their users. Copilot does not directly intervene in crisis situations but will work with your organization to connect users to in-person help and other national resources.

Does the Copilot support staff consist of licensed therapists?
Our support staff consists of mental health professionals and paraprofessionals. Each of our staff members is background checked and QPR certified. Our staff also completes extensive ongoing mental health training.

How does Copilot protect users' privacy?
Our interactions are truly anonymous. For more details view our privacy policy.

What kind of data does Copilot provide organization leaders with?
Organization leaders gain access to their organization’s wellness and anxiety trends, statistics that track the effectiveness of Copilot, and other information about the mental health concerns of their organization.

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