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5 Tips for an Awesome Summer!

Let's start working on that bucket list... how to make a little money... which book you will read... and what are you going to learn this summer.

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Is There A Nice Way To Say Mean Things?

Absolutely there is a way for you to be honest, and at the same time, for you to be respectful, kind, considerate, and honorable! I actually find that a lot of adults are not this way right now.

How Do I Get Hyped?

Take care of your body and brain. Ok, first things first. I don't know if you've realized this or not, but you have a body and a brain, and this lovely mechanism...

How can I become more popular?

I realize that being popular or well liked by others is a natural desire and something that many people dream about or want to have happen in their school, in their sports teams, in life, etc.

How can I get better grades?

Focus on the process and your effort on the things you can control. Look I want you to get great grades as well, and honestly the best way for you to get awesome grades, is for you to focus on what you can control...

How Do I Make Friends?

Today isn't about romantic relationships, it is about friendships of all sizes and colors, but with a particular interest in helping you to build some relationships that can stand the test of time.

Are you looking to improve your friendships and relationships?

The best predictor of short and long-term happiness is the quality of your relationships.

Best Hobbies for Teens

Hobbies can relax you, relieve stress, and add excitement, fun, and enjoyment to your life.

Dealing with Loss and Grief

I lost my dad a few years ago. I admit that I was not very close to my father.

Developing a Growth Mindset

I'm going to help you recognize whether you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset, and the consequences of each.

How can I manage my time a little better?

You’re so incredible, and full of life, your idealism, humor, your bravado, your intensity and even your drama is so fun, it’s so contagious.

Reasons to Not Use Drugs

The beast slowly becoming a greater part of his thinking, feeling, and his social life, until at some point these poor people are doing things that they never thought they would think or do.

What Attachment Style Are You?

The knowledge that I'm about to give you, is not meant to be used as a weapon.