Spreading Peace and Goodwill - Trust me, you want to!

The peace and goodwill that you feel inside toward yourself and others, in the end manifests outwardly, for all to benefit.

iuri melo
iuri melo

My friends, peace be unto you, I'm thrilled that you are joining me today, in another challenge... another way for you and I to refine our focus, our energy, and our efforts,... all in the development of our own personal perspective, our beliefs, and our temperament... I really am grateful for your attention and willingness, in part because I, my family, and those whom I love, will in the end be recipients of your personal psychology, of your actions, and of your wisdom and goodness.

In other words, The peace and goodwill that you feel inside toward yourself and others, in the end manifests outwardly, for all to benefit.

This week's challenge is to take the immortal statement "peace and goodwill" toward mankind, and to write it in our minds, to lay it upon our hearts, and to commit to gifting it to others.

It's early for me... 430am early. On my way to my office I stopped by a gas station to pick up a drink in the hopes that I could kickstart my heart and mind a bit. There was a young man there working, he greeted me with a hearty "good morning" to which I replied in kind. He kept on, about his business... I filled up my drink and when I went to pay, he simply said "hey boss... this one on me."

To which I replied "oh, thanks man, (and then I added) man I'm going to pay that forward."

That boy spread peace and goodwill.

He infected me, and I indeed have paid that forward. His goodness, his gift, his cheeriness, lifted and inspired me toward a higher level of thought... toward a higher level of living... one beyond myself... beyond my egocentric existence... well done young man.

Let me share one more quick story.

My second daughter, when she was 18 years old, wrote a letter to santa Claus, stamped it, and mailed it to the north pole of course... well, and I can still remember it today, my wife called me later that week and said ,"iuri the most amazing thing is happening right now, Elle got a package from the North Pole!"

Well, she did.

The letter that she wrote to santa simply said, "I don't really have anything specific to ask for this year, but perhaps I would like some things to help me decorate my room in college." Well, sure enough, US Postal Service (the north pole branch of the usps, of course) opens her mail, writes her a personalized response, and sends her about 30$ worth of super cool gadgets (candles, fun little picture holding lights, a 10$ gift certificate to amazon, some little mirrors).

Brilliant... now this was just awesome, it was fun, unexpected, but one of the first thoughts that came to my mind, and actually my wife's mind as well (she's much better at expressing what's on her mind), was, "we should do something like this."

Our sense of goodwill, benevolence, and kindness toward others was raised, and our minds began considering how we could pay this circumstance forward, and somehow elicit the same fun and contentment for other people.

I'm reminded of Marianne Williamson's words when she said, "as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

In other words, as we show and nurture kindness, goodwill, peace, confidence, charity, forgiveness in our lives, we impact the very insides of people... their feelings, the direction of their thoughts, and potentially their actions.

We are infectious... our ideas, our actions, our attitude toward things... like a tide, raises all the ships... our internal climate, our own personal culture, our beliefs and psychology, has the amazing power to elevate the atmosphere around us, and to infiltrate the minds and hearts of other people... our interdependence is actually fascinating. ... So hear me out, because this isn't just about... you have to smile more, be more, give more, be nicer, kinder, more loving,... this isn't a guilt fest... because many times we need to be on the receiving end... our asking for help... our sharing our fears... our concerns... approaching a problem... our tears... our discontentment... our vulnerability is incredibly valuable as well... you are no burden, you needing and asking for help is a great compliment and a blessing to the giver.

My friend, I want you to join me for the remainder of your life, and me for the remainder of mine, to being a source of peace and goodwill, because in the end, we are the vehicles that deliver that message. Use these 3 things to help you to contribute the very best of you:

  1. Understand that we are always influencing, impacting, creating a climate around ourselves, there is always something that is emanating from us, flowing from us, outwardly... in the case of my teenage boys, its a constant smell of dirt, sweat, and fun... my poor wife has to endure that climate. We cannot escape this power of influence.
  2. Own and taking full responsibility for the climate you are promoting... in other words, own what you are (consciously or unconsciously) bringing to the table. (my wife always says, if you don't claim it, you can't change it). This may be frustrating to you, but it will also empower you in any circumstance, and rescue you from feeling helpless and hopeless.
  3. How would you feel about committing to spread peace and goodwill? About giving people the benefit of the doubt? About being more peaceful in our fights (i know that sounds like an oxymoron), but can we do that? Can you become more benevolent and giving toward others? Listen, I want you to begin this challenge today. Not tomorrow. Today, i want you to find a way to give.

I was listening to "some good news" it was a youtube news something that John Krasinski (better known as Jim from the office) was doing to raise spirits during the pandemic, and I would highly recommend you find it, and watch it as a source of humor and motivation. Well he shared this remarkable story.

He shared the video and the story that happened at a dairy queen, as customers were picking up their food at the drive through, one customer began by paying for the order of the person behind them... well that act inspired the next customer to do the same, and that act of goodwill continued for a day and a half and 10,000 dollars of food later.

My dear friend, join me this week, and forever after to bring peace and goodwill to your interactions.

Begin a serious effort to brewing that special blend of benevolence, hope, kindness, and forgiveness inside of you, and then be brave, and courageously offer it to others. Start where you are! Lift where you can!

I'm not keeping score, don't you do it either... stay away from comparisons that will rob you of motivation, and cause you to believe that you are powerless, unimportant... that is false... it is simply false... Don't get caught up and tripped up by people's responses or judgments... let them judge... it's ok, you're not new to judgment, allow people to have their take on things... correct or incorrect, wise or ignorant, it's ok. Mind your business, give freely.

I love the scriptural writing "do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly." It's become a mind target for me, perhaps it can become one for you as well

So my friend, let's do this... join me... there is peace inside of you... you can bring it... there is goodwill inside of you... bring it, show it, give it,... and watch your own levels of satisfaction, happiness, and purpose grow. See you tomorrow.